Friday, July 3, 2015

Great Read: The White Princes by Philippa Gregory

Mornin' folks! I hope that you've had a great week! As many of you know I am a BIG 'OLE BOOK NERD! I love to read, especially historical fiction. I've really gotten into Philippa Gregory's novels about the Cousin's War and the Tudor Court.
I recently finished reading The White Princess, which is about Elizabeth, princess of York, and her marriage to King Henry Tudor VII. 

This story is quite a page turner, and Philippa Gregory creates a wonderfully detailed story about the beginning of the Tudor reign. She has a fantastic way of drawing the reader into the storyline, making you feel as though you are standing on the outskirts of the Tudor Court looking in.

Upon reading this book I have gained a new appreciation of Elizabeth of York and the great patience and tolerance that she showed during her reign as queen of England. Her husband was dominated by his mother, Margaret, and I feel that he never really appreciated what Elizabeth brought to the table as his wife and a royal from birth. As a usurper to the throne of England, he never seemed to feel at ease in his reign, and struggled with insecurities and paranoia...much in part to his mother's domineering personality.

Elizabeth of York was the mother of Henry VIII, and although she died in childbirth when he was just a boy, she adored and doted on him and he in turn loved her dearly.

If you enjoy reading about the Tudor's of England, then this would be a great read for you!! Now I'm off to read the next and last book in this series The King's Curse. :)

Enjoy your weekend!!


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