Saturday, June 4, 2011

Saturday Gardening Incident; A Little Watermelon Card and a Couple of More Tags...

Happy Saturday! I spent my morning working out in my flower beds and had a little accident...caught my left index finger in the loppers as I was trimming some hedges and cut it pretty bad  - owie! The loppers cut through my finger nail, down into the nail bed, so I immediately ran into the house, washed my bloody finger good with soap and then applied peroxide, antibiotic cream and a bandaid. Good grief! It's my own stupid fault, though, for not putting on my gardening gloves - geesh! Oh, well...after I determined that the tip of my throbbing finger was still attached, I bandaged it up, put my gardening gloves on and went back to work in my flower beds, which by the way, look really, really nice!!

Enough drama for one day! I thought I'd share with you a few quick things that I made...

First is a cute little watermelon thank you card:

Next is a fun frog tag:

And last, but not least, is an elegant floral tag:

Enjoy your Saturday and be safe!! (Meaning wear garden gloves when using loppers - ha! ha!)



  1. Oh geez...hope you are feeling okay! You sound like me when I cook! Never fails...I always cut myself! I like to stick with baking. LOL Cute watermelon card by the way! :o)

  2. OUCH! Gotta be more careful! Then again...who am I to talk considering I stepped on a screw and put it through my foot? LOL!
    Glad you didn't have to go to the hospital...peroxide does wonders! Great card and tags! Love that little frog!

  3. Becky!! I'm just catching up on blogging--reading of your gardening incident made me cringe--hope all is well now!
    Cute card and tags--especially like the floral tag. Have a great day!


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