Monday, June 13, 2011

Household Tip: How to Clean Lampshades in a Snap!

I'm on "staycation" this week, so I'm working on some projects around the house, cleaning out and organizing closets, etc. Since I'm in a major cleaning mode, I thought I'd share with you how I clean my lampshades...

The easiest way that I have found to effectively do this is to use a clothing lint removal know the kind that has the sticky tape stuff that you can peel off after each use. Just roll it over your lamp shade and the dust sticks to it:

You can purchase one of these little gems for a buck at the dollar store and they last for a long, long time! I can usually clean two or three lamp shades before I have to remove the top layer to reveal the next layer of sticky tape:

I hope this little tip has been helpful to you! Wishing you a blessed day!


  1. Gotta love cheap cleaning tips! Deep cleaning is something I need to do soon. Bleh! I don't really like that job!

  2. BRILLIANT!! I have some dusty shades in my home that are going to thank you. :)

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