Monday, November 7, 2011

Excellent Reads!

Last week was really, really busy for me, so I didn't get much done in the way of craft projects. I'm really looking forward to my upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks so that I can enjoy some quiet time at home crafting, cooking and reading.

Speaking of reading, I have currently been reading "The Youngest Templar" trilogy by Michael P. Spradlin, which are EXCELLENT young adult novels! (I read A LOT of young adult novels, because I work in a high school library and I like to recommend good books to our students so that they will become book lovers as well.)

 I am almost finished with the third book, and WOW!, these novels are hard to put down! The storyline is based on an orphan named Tristan who has been raised by monks since infancy and is recruited into the Templar Knights to be a squire. He travels to the middle east with his knight, Sir Thomas, and the other Templar Knights to accompany them into battle during the Crusades. Tristan makes some interesting friends along the way and a wonderful story of suspense and historical mystery unfolds.

I highly recommend these books...for adults and young adults too! They are EXCELLENT reads!

Have a blessed day!


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  1. Thanks for the recommendation I was just wondering what book/series I would read next! I love young adult/kids novels. If you need a recommendation,the Eragon series is excellent!


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