Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Graduation Party Decorations

Hi, friends! As I mentioned to you earlier this week, here are a few of the decorations that I made for my "niece" Kennedie's graduation party. For starters, here is the banner that was placed on the gift table:

I started out with a plain white mixed media banner from Hobby Lobby. I found some cute grad paper and coordinating cardstock and went to work with the design:

I cut the grad paper into triangles to fit on the banner. I cut them a little bit smaller than the white banner so there would be a white border:

I also made tassels using golden yellow yarn and tied a tassel between each of the banner points:

I created rosettes by cutting golden yellow cardstock into 12" x 1 1/2" strips and scoring the cardstock to make the fan-folding easier. Once the cardstock had been folded I used adhesive to glue the ends together and then pressed down in the center to make the rosette. I glued a small yellow circle to the front and back of the rosette so that it would hold it's shape, and then attached a black cardstock scallop circle to the front as a backdrop for the cardstock letters that spell CONGRATS.

I thought it would be fun to make a little book for the party guests to write some "words of wisdom" for Kennedie. The inside is golden yellow cardstock, and the front and back are black cardstock decorated with coordinating grad paper. I made & attached yarn tassel to match the tassels that I made for the banner.

Since Kennedie will attend OU in the fall, we placed a cute metal bucket, which had the OU logo on it, on the gift table for guests to put cards in. I made a little sign and attached it to the bucket...check out the little "diplomas" that I made to decorate the sign with:

We placed large baskets of pre-bagged popcorn on the food table for the guests to take home. I made cute little tags for each of the popcorn bags that read "Thanks for popping by to share Kennedie's special day". I tied the tags onto the popcorn with yellow curling ribbon for a fun touch:

If you have a grad in your life, I hope that these party decoration ideas will inspire you! Thanks for "popping" by today! ;)


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