Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Summer Monogram Wreath for a Friend...

Good morning! As you know, I LOVE to make seasonal wreaths for front doors. I love how something so simple can totally transform a porch/home into a welcoming oasis. My friend/co-worker Jenny M., (who is a 2nd grade teacher at the school where I work), asked me to make a spring/summer wreath for her front door and I was happy to oblige! (She is paying me with a bucket of fresh-picked blueberries - YUMMMMY!!, so how could I say "no"???) Anyhoo, here's the wreath that I created for her front door:

I think the softness of the pink silk morning glory flower vine, curving around the grapevine wreath, is so pretty and I'm quite pleased at how it turned out. Oh! And Jenny really likes it too! :)

Have a GREAT day!


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