Friday, September 12, 2014

Feminine Birthday Cards...

Happy Friday, friends!!! Lately I've been working on my craft room to get it back in shape! If you're anything like me, when I am in a crafting mood I have a tendency to let my craft room get a little a lot messy! (To be truthful, it actually looks like a craft supply bomb has gone off in there...but I digress...)

Anyhoo, one of the areas that I've been concentrating on cleaning out is my paper scrap bin. It's reeeeally hard for me to throw away scraps of paper, so I just toss the smaller pieces into a bin to use on little future projects. Well, that bin has since avalanched on me, so I determined that it was high time to part with some of the smallest scraps. (I am sure that the other paper crafters out there feel my pain!!)

In the process of sorting out these scraps, I was sidetracked inspired, and decided to whip up some cards. (I posted pics of some of the masculine cards that I made a couple of weeks can click HERE to review that post.)   Today I thought that I would share with you a few pics of feminine birthday cards that I recently created from some of my scraps:

Thanks for dropping by today! Have a FANTASTIC Friday and a WONDERFUL weekend!


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