Saturday, June 19, 2010

Bouquet from my yard....

Good morning! I woke up early this morning and made a cappuccino to drink while I sat on our back porch enjoying the cool morning air and listening to the birds sing. While I was admiring the flowers and plants growing in our back yard I decided to cut a few and make a bouquet to sit on the bar in my kitchen. A couple of months ago I purchased 3 hydrangea plants, (one of my FAVORITE flowers!), on clearance at Lowe's for only $4.00 each! They were marked down from $19.99 each, so I was THRILLED to find such a great deal! Mike planted them for me along the brick wall under our bedroom windows and they seem to be thriving there! I clipped some flowering stems from the hostas growing next to the garden shed, as well as some varigated ivy and fern fronds, tucked everything into a recycled square candle jar, and viola` a beautiful bouquet! Of course, being the ribbon junkie that I am, I tied a scrap piece of ribbon around the mouth of the jar to add a little extra foo-foo - hee! hee!

I've got to go get ready for a scrapbook workshop that I'm hosting this afternoon. I'll post the pictures later in the coming week to share the projects that we're making with you.

Have a fun and safe weekend!

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