Thursday, June 24, 2010

Projects From Saturday's Scrapbooking Workshop...

As promised, here are the photos from the projects that we created at the scrapbooking workshop last Saturday. I showed the group how to use a Close to My Heart Level I kit to build 4 BEAUTIFUL scrapbook pages in less than a hour. I then showed them how to create a "Card in a Box" from some of the left-over materials and some ribbon. Below you'll find not only the photos of my version of the "Card in a Box" but also the template and the links where I found the instructions.

Here are the 4 scrapbook pages I designed using the materials from a CTMH Bella Level I kit:

To create the page above, cut 2 pieces of 3 1/2" x 3 1/2" pieces of olive cardstock and one piece of 3 1/2" x 3 1/2" piece of smoky plum cardstock and adhere to left side of page as shown in photo. Cut three smoky plum and three olive cardstock rectangles 3 1/2" x 1 1/2" and adhere to right side of page, staggering as shown in photo. Using a soft, dry paintbrush, apply cornstartch or baby powder to the back of the brown and purple StickEase buttons and two of the flower stickers to remove the "sticky". Using a paper-piercing tool, poke holes in the button stickers to form the button holes. Run bamboo Waxy Flax through the button holes, apply a 3-D dot to the backside of the button, and adhere to the left sides of the cardstock rectangle journaling boxes as shown. Apply 3-D dots to the backsides of the flowers and adhere to page as shown. The wavy border on the right side of the page is simply the negative from the rick-rack sticker on one of the StickEase sheets that comes with the kit...a great way to add a fun page element by recyclying something that most folks would have thrown away!

To create the page above, cut a piece of patterned paper 5 1/2" x 7 1/2" and adhere to left side of page. Decorate the corners with the chocolate stitched corner stickers from the StickEase provided in the kit. Apply the "Friends" sticker to the left side of the border at the top of the page. Apply the wavy "In Sunshine" "And in Shade" stickers to the right side of the border at the top of the page, lining up the edges with the right side of the page. Using cornstarch or baby powder, dust the back of 3 flower stickers to remove the "sticky", adhere a 3-D dot to the back of each flower, and adhere as shown above. Tie a piece of chocolate ribbon in a knot, trim the ends as desired, and adhere to center of border with a glue dot, as shown above. Cut a 3" x 6" piece of colonial white cardstock, trim edges as desired, sponge edges with bamboo ink, and apply a flower sticker at the top. Punch a hole in the center of the flower sticker and run a piece of green polka-dot organza ribbon through the hole, tying off green ribbon with a narrow piece of plum organza ribbon, as shown in photo. (Organza ribbon purchased at Hobby Lobby & Michael's).

To create the page above, cut four 3" x 3" squares of smoky plum cardstock and adhere to page as shown in photo. Adhere one the purple stitched rick-rack StickEase to the page as shown. Dust the back of one of the large StickEase flowers to remove the "sticky", apply a 3-D dot, and adhere to the lower right corner of the page. Adhere the flower stem StickEase as shown.

To create the page above, (which took about a minute - HA!), adhere the last purple stitched rick-rack sticker as shown in the photo. Using the alphabet StickEase, form the phrase "So Happy", (or phrase of your choice!), to the left side of the top border. Adhere the "Because Being Together is Enough" StickEase to the right side of the top border and viola` you're finished!

Now for the card-in-a-box...I found the template, posted below, at Be sure to check out her blog which is chocked full of great ideas and FREE templates! The amazingly detailed paper flowers on the lid of the box are so simple to make using the instructional tutorial found at (I now need to purchase a larger flower punch so that I can make bigger versions of this gorgeous flower!!) I created the paper vines simply by cutting narrow strips of cardstock, about 4" long and twisting around a toothpick, as shown in the photo below. Slide the "vines" off of the toothpick and shape as desired. Tuck under the flowers and ribbon and adhere using liquid glass or your favorite clear-drying glue.

Here are the photos of my version of the card-in-a-box. I made a very "girly" box, using photos of my sister-in-law Sandy's family, because I'm giving the box to her with her birthday gift next month. (So, Sandy, if you see this post before I give it to you, now you know what part of your gift is!)

Notice the purple wavy border on the lid? It's another sticker negative left over from one of StickEase sheets in the kit. I just trimmed it up with scissors and attached it to the lid, aligning the top of the "wave" with the top edge of the box. I lightly pinched the corners of the sticker as I went around the corners of the box, to form it to the sharp corners of the box. Once again, recycling something that most folks would have thrown in the trash!

Here's the template for the box:

Here's how I decorated the outside of the box:

Cut four 2" x 2" pieces of patterned paper and four 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" pieces of patterned paper. Cut the 1 1/2" squares in half diagonally to form triangles. Adhere the 2" squares centered inside the scored squares on the outside of the box. If desired, tie four bows out of organza ribbon and adhere to the center of the squares with a glue dot. Adhere the triangles to the outside of the box as well, as shown in the photo below:

I hope that you've enjoyed these projects! Have a blessed day!


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