Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Notecard Treat Boxes

Here are some quick, fun little treat boxes that I created from notecards to give to some of my co-workers. I filled these cuties with small bottles of yummy scented Bath & Body Works hand sanitizer and various candies. (Since we all work with kids, hand sanitizer is a necessity for our desk drawers!)

Here's how I made them:

I started out with notecards that had a design printed on both the front and back. (Mine came from Hot Off the Press).

Next, I made tiny score marks at the top and bottom centers of the card:

I then scored diagonally from the top and bottom score marks to the center fold of the card. You will now have a diamond shape scored in your card:

Fold along all of the score lines to form the flaps of your treat box:

Using a Crop-a-Dile, punch holes in each of the flaps:

Open your box up and fill with treats:

Fold your box back up, aligning the holes, and run a piece of ribbon through the holes to form a bow to secure the opening:

Attach gift tags to your boxes and TA-DA! Your cute little treat box is complete! Just think how cute these would be for birthday or engagement parties; for Easter or teacher appreciation week?? Michael's usually has lots of pretty notecards and ribbon in their $1.00 bin, so there are lots of designs that could be used!

Wishing you a wonderful day!!



  1. What a cool gift idea! Will have to keep this in mind to use later on!

  2. So cute Becky! I love that for a gift idea!


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