Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A Scrapbook Page a Day During the Month of May: No. 14

One of the things that make the holidays so much fun are the great traditions that are passed down from generation to generation. One of the traditions that Mike's mom started for our Christmas celebrations is to play Bingo. Each person brings a wrapped gift, worth about $5.00, to put into the loot pile. When a player Bingos, they can choose a gift from the loot pile, or steal someone else's gift. The catch to all of this is that there is a lump of coal wrapped up in the loot pile! Every year someone ends up with the lump of coal, has to write a poem about the coal, and then wraps and returns the coal to the loot pile the next year. We've got years worth of coal poems and pics of the "losers" that end up with the lump of coal - SO FUN!!! (At some point - maybe this summer while I'm on break!! - I am going to make a "Christmas Coal" scrapbook for our family.)

Here's one of the fun Christmas Bingo pages that I created for my Christmas album:

Have a fun day and make time to laugh...it's good for the soul!


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